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Objectives/Victory Points
Confederate Order of Battle
Campaign Rules
Battle Chronicler


DG and I have both invested significant amounts of time (and money!) this year in the "Regimental Fire and Fury" wargame rules, and also in building up forces of miniatures to allow us to play games... DG in 12mm, myself in 20mm (as documented in extraordinary and detailed depth on my main blog..)

Whilst chatting after our last game, our thoughts turned again to campaigning, so I suggested that DG might fancy running one set in the American Civil War... happily, he took me up on the offer and the following campaign diary documents the outcome..

For this campaign we will use Berthier for the strategic manoeuvring, and the Regimental Fire and Fury for the battles..

We diced for sides and I chose Confederate..

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Objectives/Victory Points

First and most importantly the map:

Confederate Player briefing:

Initially all the units of your Division are at Stewart Springs.


The II Corps commander, Lieutenant General R.S.Ewell, requires you to capture Waynes Junction (see map). It is the major supply town for the Union in this area and those supplies are desperately needed for our own forces. This is especially true of the shoes and boots which, as you know, we are in urgent need of after the last few months campaigning. Our intelligence is that there is a weak Union Division holding the area and our approach has alerted them to the vulnerability of their position.

As a result they are gathering reinforcements to be sent by rail from the East. Our best estimate is that these will arrive within the next few days. Once you hold Waynes Junction gather as much local transport as you can to transport and escort those supplies back to Stewarts Springs, with priority given to the footwear.

Jackson is protecting your right and as yet (my emphasis!), your left is not threatened

Victory Points:
For each town controlled [last side to have passed through - no need for units to occupy] the owning side will receive 1 VP.

At Waynes Junction there are also 4 VP's worth of supplies; which will only be received by the Confederates on arrival at Stewart Springs [Create a Wagon unit to transport them when there are no Union units in the square]

So there are a total of 9 VP's in the scenario. The Player with the most VP's wins.

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Confederate Order of Battle
Division 1st - HQ/C-in-C     
5th Virginia CavalryCrackBreech Loading Carbine 4 / 3 / 2 
Brigade Hays     
5th LouisianaCrackRifle Musket 5 / 4 / 3 
6th LouisianaCrackRifle Musket 5 / 4 / 3 
7th LouisianaCrackRifle Musket 6 / 5 / 3 
8th LouisianaCrackRifle Musket 7 / 6 / 4 
9th LouisianaCrackRifle Musket 9 / 7 / 5 
Brigade Hoke     
6th North CarolinaVeteranRifle Musket 13 / 10 / 7 
21st North CarolinaVeteranRifle Musket 11 / 9 / 6 
57th North CarolinaVeteranRifle Musket 7 / 6 / 4 
Brigade Smith     
31st VirginiaTrainedRifle Musket 7 / 6 / 4 
49th VirginiaTrainedRifle Musket 7 / 6 / 4 
52nd VirginiaTrainedRifle Musket 6 / 5 / 3 
Brigade Gordon     
13th GeorgiaCrackRifle Musket 8 / 6 / 4 
31st GeorgiaCrackRifle Musket 6 / 5 / 3 
38th GeorgiaCrackRifle Musket 9 / 7 / 5 
60th GeorgiaCrackRifle Musket 7 / 6 / 4 
61st GeorgiaCrackRifle Musket 7 / 6 / 4 
Brigade Artillery     
Charlottesville VirginiaCrackHeavy Smoothbore 2 
Courtney VirginiaVeteranLight Rifle 2 
Staunton VirginiaTrainedHeavy Smoothbore 2 
Louisiana GuardVeteranLight Rifle 2 

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Campaign Rules

DG provided me with the following background information.

Turn sequence:
  1. Union orders
  2. Union intelligence reports
  3. Confederate orders
  4. Confederate intelligence reports
  5. Resolve any combats via Battle Chronicler
  1. Daylight is from 06:00 to 18:00 hours
  2. Night is one turn from 19:00 to 05:00 hours and is only used for rest, recovery, reorganisation and resupply. All units are given a Hold order. (Exception: All Attacker [see below] brigades in contact first withdraw into one of their 3 unoccupied, rear squares [if terrain allows]
  1. Infantry Brigades need to comply with the "one Infantry Brigade per square" requirement.
  2. If you wish detach Artillery units [batteries] from Jones' Artillery Brigade at any time then create a new Berthier unit for each as described above. These detachments of course start from the Brigade's position.
  3. The same goes for Cavalry detachments.
  4. Infantry units are never detached from their parent Infantry Brigade
  5. All troop movements on the campaign map are in March Column
General: The Confederates have been and are on the offensive so their Morale level is rated as "Reliable" due to being involved in significant marching and combat over the past month. The Union has not. I propose that Regimental F&F should be played "vanilla" with the following campaign exceptions:
  1. There will be no Fatigue calculation in this campaign ... the Morale and Effectiveness ratings will suffice. Stands lost during the day may return to the colours overnight otherwise they are permanently lost. Roll per stand lost and success returns the stand:
    • D10 <= Experience
    • 7 Crack
    • 6 Veteran
    • 5 Trained
    • 4 Green
    It follows that returning stands may increase the unit's effectiveness
  2. For Berthier "Out of Supply" situations I propose a RF&F local rule: All Manoeuvre, Musketry & Cannonade, Charge DRM's are at -1 for being Out of Supply
  3. Berthier: 50 x 50 squares (map just above)
    • 1 square = 1 mile
    • Each square contains a terrain type as per RF&F [Open/Broken/Rough]
    • Road and Rail squares are Open terrain
    • River squares are impassable to vehicles
    • Each Berthier turn [consisting of 2 Player turns] represents 1 hour
Contacts: Given that campaign turns must be alternate, the brigade that first enters a square to make contact is deemed to be the attacker in that combat - regardless of the overall situation. The defender, with brigades now in contact, has the option to decline combat with any or all of them. In their Turn [if movement points and terrain allow] they withdraw each into one of their 3 unoccupied, rear squares. This is a simplification: The attacker may have its movement curtailed by the contact; whilst, on the other hand, the withdrawing defender also has its movement curtailed. If any opposing brigades are contesting a square at the end of a complete Berthier Turn then the combat is resolved using Battle Chronicler. Potentially there could be multiple contacts to resolve within a Berthier turn Cavalry: The cavalry unit is the Division commander [you and me] and must always consist of at least one stand. Other stands maybe be detached for scouting purposes only. Create a Berthier unit for each with a nominal size of 1 and 0 supply / consumption. Supply / consumption is managed via the Div Cavalry unit Artillery: Artillery units [battery not stands] can be attached to Infantry brigades. Again create a Berthier unit for each battery with a nominal size of 1 and 0 supply / consumption.Supply / consumption is managed via Jones' brigade [CSA] or Div Artillery [USA] Ammo supply: This divisional unit represents the RF&F Ammo supply marker. It has to be present at a combat in order for the "Replenish ammunition" Manoeuvre to be performed It's not required for the Night turn replenishment; which is handled by Berthier Supply/Attrition: Each sides' brigades have a maximum of 2 days Integral Supply. Integral Supply is set at [2 days x 12 hour day x number of units in brigade] EG:A 4 unit brigade has an Integral Supply of 96 [2 x 12 x 4] Consumption for Infantry, Artillery and Divisional Ammo supply units is set at 1 per unit per Berthier turn ... Cavalry units consumption is heavier at 2 per unit per Berthier turn and therefore their Integral Supply is also double Resupply is via Towns [depots] which top up a brigade's Integral Supply at the end of the turn. Terrain also increases supply in the same way but the amount varies by terrain type EG: Open Terrain increases a brigade's Integral Supply by 2 per Berthier turn When a brigade's Integral Supply reaches zero then it is deemed "Out of Supply" (see above for effects). Back to top...
Battle Chronicler: For each combat:
  1. The defender of the square determines the terrain within it, based on the terrain type
  2. The size of the BC square will be 60 x 60 inches [Rifled artillery may cause some problems here]
  3. Each BC Turn equates to 12 minutes [Therefore 5 complete BC Turns to 1 complete Berthier Turn]
  4. For simplicity ... to avoid pro-rata-ing the BC turn ... the combat will deemed to have commenced at the start of the Berthier turn just completed
  5. If the combat does not reach a conclusion after those 5 turns it continues into the next Berthier turn. Should this happen then the only way for either side to withdraw is by physically moving all its remaining units from the BC square.
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