The "Waynes Junction campaign"..

I've decided to revive this old campaign diary project blog to record the unfolding of events in a new campaign that DG and I have just started...

One of the reasons for doing this is that DG (my opponent), is a frequent visitor to my main blog page and both he and I are concerned that he might read something untoward if I continued to post there..! Not a major problem, but I have to say that the other reason for doing this was that it allowed me to put the posts in their correct order rather than asking people to "read backwards" - in effect turning it into a proper campaign diary.

Please read on for a narrative of the "Waynes Junction campaign" - feel free to leave comments here or on my main blog... I'm not proud..


16/2/12: further major update - diary brought up to date following completion of the Battle of Waynes Junction
27/Aug/11: major update - added clickable headers to help navigation within the post - Battle of Rogersburg added, plus rest of day 2 and first half of day 3 - stay tuned for Battle of Waynes Junction
27/Jan/11: First half of day 2 added - we have our first major engagement of the campaign - stay tuned for the Battle of Rogersburg
16/Dec/10: Finished posting updates for the rest of Day 1..
14/Dec/10: Campaign rules and maps loaded..
11/Dec/10: Campaign blog re-vamped and re-vitalised for the new campaign..


Dave said...

Looking forward to the campaign. I suspect it will be as exciting a read as the AWI was. Thanks for sharing

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Ta Dave... additional content added!