Day 2..

Day 2 - 06:00:
Day 2 - 08:00:
Day 2 - 10:00:
Day 2 - 11:00:
Day 2 - 14:00:
Day 2 - Battle of Rogersburg
Day 2 - 16:00:
Day 2 - 17:00:
Day 2 - 18:00 & Overnight:

Day 2 - 06:00:

..and the standard progress of the previous day started again at the beginning of the next day; by now though I was only five squares away from Rogersburg.

On the other flank Waynes Junction is 32 squares (miles) away which at the current rate of march is going to take about a day and a half to reach (about 16 moves).

Plan: Start dicing for a train as soon as my force reaches Rogersburg!

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Day 2 - 08:00 - 09:00:

As I start to approach closer to Rogersburg I come into contact with some additional cavalry on the left flank!

The intel.dat file below is from Berthier and basically is my intelligence rport on all enemy elements that my forces can see or know about..

C02 1st Div Cavalry are my guys - the one's on the left of the map... 1094 is the map square reference they're in.. so I'm now in contact on both the left and right flanks...!

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Day 2 - 10:00:

..and then - if things aren't already complicated enough - they get more complicated!

Intelligence report from Rogersburg:

MOVE: 17 POSITION: 1295 [square reference for Rogersburg]
UNIT: C01 1st Div Cavalry (my cavalry recon screen)
CONTACT (uh oh)
1295 In contact with 1 enemy unit(s) of total size 1.
1296 Sighted 1 enemy unit(s) of total size 4.
1295 Sighted 1 enemy unit(s) of total size 1.
Cavalry Infantry (Ah!)

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Day 2 - 11:00-13:00:

Hmmm.. a few more present than I would have wished… clearly the Berthier fog of war is at play - I got two separate recon reports (as I'd split my cavalry into two separate units) one showed 3 units and the other 4!

When I actually made contact I've met up with an ACW infantry brigade of 3 regiments (size 3) comprising 28 bases (I28) - against them I have a half regiment of cavalry and two brigades of infantry comprising 8 regiments and 57 bases… neither of us has artillery, however.

On the assumption DG's force is roughly the same size as mine - that would be half his total force…

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Day 2 - 14:00:

My brigades have now entered Rogersburg - current sitep as follows:

There is still some Union cavalry somewhere in the red clouded area - last move he was in the position marked with the dot - he only has a 2 square (max.) range of movement, my assumption is that he's moved further southwest..

I've advised DG that I wish to contest the engagement at Rogersburg

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Battle of Rogersburg

We used Battle Chronicler for handling the movement, as the level of granularity is just phenomenal - we used a table top that was measured in "real" inches, allowing us to represent units in "real" size. The rules were Regimental Fire and Fury, and DG and I tended to exchange move files once per day. In many ways this explains how long it took us to play the game, which only lasted for 12 turns, but took approximately 50 days to complete...! A Regimental Fire and Fury turn comprises 8 phases - so a minimum of 8 days/move - faster if there was no melee or shooting by either side...

Terrain was as above (click on any of the pictures for a bigger view), and as DG was already present he was allowed a short time to create some quick defences represented by the line of fences and logs just north of the station.

The objective of the game for me was to push DG out of the town whilst not taking too many casualties... (there were other tactical and strategic imperatives, but DG reads this blog so I'll not expound on them here!)

Forces available were one brigade of infantry for DG, two brigades for me - the second of which would not arrive until later in the game. No artillery on either side - I had a half squadron of cavalry....

The following shows the progression of the game, which you can download the first nine moves of here [click here] and the end of the game from here [click here] - all you need is Battle Chronicler, open the file with that and you'll be able to see all the game mechanics, dice throws and everything else DG and I discussed... clicking the move advance button shows the units magically marching across the pixels as if by magic... well electrons anyway...

Move 1 (and I'm only showing the Confederate moves) and I enter the table - I made full use of the available room for a daring (for me) flank march, successfully bypassing the fortified walls/logs etc. I like to think DG was worrying at this point!

A combination of moves from DG, on balance though I drew from this that he was worried - half of his infantry withdrew while one advanced looking to take me on, and the other (huge!) regiment about turned...

...and time to attack - short moves to go from column of march to double lines and away they go - Georgia boys to the fore... in the ensuing melee the Union 12 New Jersey regiment breaks and routs... in the subsequent Union turn they fail morale and retreat again..

Turn four and it's the turn of the Confederate cavalry to keep the pressure on the 12th New Jersey - a mad dash across the battlefield, they contact and drive the 12th back in such disarray that they carry on and also attack the 108th New York and drive them back as well! They did well, but truth be told I knew they'd overextended themselves... elsewhere you can see that the 60th Georgia are wavering...

Turn 5 and my reinforcements arrive in the form of my second infantry brigade - with the hurriedly fortified positions now clear, I send them straight into the fray.. their combined shooting is almost enough to finish off the 108th NY, and the subsequent charge by the 13th Georgia sweeps them from the field.. elsewhere the 1st Delaware and contacted and forced to surrender.. to be honest - I could no wrong this turn, and I suspect DG thought he was on the wrong end of a tsunami - the dice went my way, and the arrival of my second brigade was timely..

Closing in... the field is mine... 14th Carolina caught and finished off..

General pursuit - and at this time we recognised that we needed a bigger table - which with Battle Chronicler is a synch... we just increased the size! Switch to the second file I linked to above for the rest of the game...


More pursuit...

Caught him... firing...

End of game just before this turn...

Post Match Analysis:

  • A good game for me - it was one of those games where certainly in the middle phase I could do no wrong - the dice were definitely rolling my way
  • Having said that, I think my tactics were sound, and I outnumbered DG so I really should have won - I wasn't expecting to do it quite so resoundingly though..
  • Casualty recovery occurred overnight and was diced for - results below - I of course have no idea how DG did, but I hope it was worse then me!
  • This was I something like our third game with these rules I think, but the first time with the published full set (we've been using the beta up until now) and again no real issues... surprisingly few differences between the beta and full versions - obviously we had a late beta version or the rules were just good in the first place!

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Day 2 - 16:00:

I still can't find DG's cavalry north of Waynes Junction and I'm getting worried about the ammunition supply and may well bring one of the cavalry units in behind it…

I wonder if DG has already spotted it, noted it's location and backed off?? I wonder if the only reason he hasn't attacked it is because he doesn't believe anyone would be stupid enough to leave it undefended! I wonder...... stop it..... got to love campaigns!!

In the meanwhile as a result of the battle I now find myself in control of Rogersburg and throw my first dice for train arrival… 9… no good (need 11 or 12 on 2D6) ..not for the first time I'm beginning to wonder whether my brilliant plan isn't a little based on luck!

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Day 2 - 17:00:

Train roll 10! Gah! So close...

Heaven only knows where that cavalry has gone, but I decide that if I can't see him, he can't see me, and it's time I legged it to Waynes Junction though there is little chance of getting there before the main body.

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Day 2 - 18:00 & overnight:

Diced for casualty recovery:

2 [38G] Crack 1 recovered
1[31G] Crack 1 recovered
1[60G] Crack 1 recovered
2[5V] Trained 1 recovered

Which works out as follows:

Confederate Order of Battle
Brigade Smith
31st VirginiaTrainedRifle Musket7 / 6 / 4
49th VirginiaTrainedRifle Musket7 / 6 / 4
52nd VirginiaTrainedRifle Musket6 / 5 / 3 2 casualties - 1 recovered - worn
Brigade Gordon
13th GeorgiaCrackRifle Musket8 / 6 / 4
31st GeorgiaCrackRifle Musket6 / 5 / 31 casualty - 1 recovered - worn
38th GeorgiaCrackRifle Musket9 / 7 / 52 casualties - 1 recovered
60th GeorgiaCrackRifle Musket7 / 6 / 41 casualty - 1 recovered - worn
61st GeorgiaCrackRifle Musket7 / 6 / 4

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